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Service philosophy and purpose

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Children's Choice Service Philosophy

Children’s Choice got its name from offering a blend of learning styles as we are aware that not one style suits all. We give the children the freedom to connect with their interests and the way they wish to learn. We are all different and Children’s Choice celebrates that.

At Children’s Choice Early Learning we believe that every child has the right to high quality education that assists to shape their future. We believe that every child should feel safe, secure, and supported within their learning environment, and encouraged to develop their identities and confidence through play and relationships with both adults and peers.

It is the intention of Children’s Choice Early Learning to respect every child, member of staff and guardian to provide a warm, friendly, safe and caring environment to all children and staff within our Early Learning Centres. At Children’s Choice, we value the expression of compassion and the love that children require, particularly in their early years, as educators we ensure children are treated with love and affection.

We believe that families are the most important and influential adults in any child’s life and that their parenting values and beliefs need to be supported. At Children’s Choice we believe that family’s input can assist us in ensuring our curriculums and service policies are inclusive and supportive of each child. It is through collaborative, open and welcomed partnerships with families that we can support and embrace their diversity and the diversity of the wider community while also paying respect to the traditional custodians of the land – the Aboriginal and Torres Strait lslanders.

We will provide positive opportunities for all children reflecting equality, diversity, race, culture, belief, gender, disability. Children will express themselves using the resources available in their environment. As the environment is the ‘third teacher’, it is essential that our physical spaces are set up to encourage engagement and exploration. Children will express themselves using the resources which will provide opportunities to children to speak up, write, create, paint, build, dance and represent their thinking and personalities in many ways.

Children’s Choice Early learning believes that it is through collaborative, welcomed and positive partnerships that we can embrace the wider community of Chatswood, and engage and support the history and activity that creates connection with our local community and builds an understanding of diversity and attitudes which makes up child participation within their daily learning.

At Children’s Choice we believe that children governance and leadership is the foundation in ensuring educators have effective tools in place to support and shape a child as they become confident, competent human beings. It is through collaborative partnerships based on respect and professional experience, that at Children’s Choice we can enhance knowledge as we strive to implement professional standards underpinned by the Code of Ethics, National Quality Framework, National Regulations, National Law, The Early Years Learning Framework and our own company expectations, policies and procedures.